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Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes

Christmas Holiday Recipes

Good Christmas recipes often become family traditions. In our family we celebrate the night before with Christmas Eve recipes (usually snacks, appetizers and meat pies) and prepare a whole new menu of Christmas recipes for the holiday.

We've put together this list of free recipes for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner recipes that have become family favorites in our home and are sure to become a Christmas tradition in yours as well. For more great holiday recipes, check out our
Family recipes cookbook Celebrate Food!.

Easy Recipes for Christmas

Apple Cider Punch- Start Christmas off with this great cider punch drink.

Christmas Ale- If you brew your own home made beer, this is a great holiday ale recipe for Christmas.

Spinach Dip Recipe This is a quick and easy recipe for spinach dip you can make ahead for the holiday. perfect for a snack while watching Christmas day parardes or football games.

Marinaded Chicken Wings- These have been a favorite in my family for generations.  A great appetizer for Christmas day or Christmas Eve.

Fancy Green Beans - A great Christmas side dish recipe from Paula Deen for green beans that no Christmas dinner table should be without for the holiday.

Pumpkin Seed Salad Dressing - Try this salad dressing on Christmas day for something a little non-tradional.

Eggplant Spread - Caponata (eggplant spread) is a nice Itatian Chistmas recipe for the holiday.

Christmas Dessert Recipes

Apple Crisp- This warm apple crisp makes a great Christmas dessert recipe.

Apple Tart - Another great Christmas dessert recipe for the holiday.

Chocolate Hazlenut Fudge- a great fudge recipe for Christmas. For more great fudge recipes visit our Fancy Fudge Page.

Spice Cake with Carmelized Apples An ellegant desert for a holiday table or dinner party

Cranberry Bread Pudding Traditional Christmas flavors come together nicely in this holiday dessert.

Gingerbread Brownies cake like brownies with classic gingerbread ingredients!

Stuffing Recipes

Thanksgiving Bread Stuffing - If your preparing a Turkey this Christmas, here's a traditional moist bread stuffing for your holiday turkey.


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