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Apple Cider Punch

Apple Cider Punch

This fragrant apple cider punch recipe can be started early in the day and made in a crockpot. The crockpot makes for easy serving and as the punch warms it will waft a pleasant spiced apple scent throughout your home.

This non-alcoholic warm apple cider punch is perfect for the children too. If you want to add alcohol, I would suggest either a shot of spiced or white rum to the glass.

Apple Cider Punch Recipe

4 qt Apple Cider
3 sticks Cinnamon
6 oz (frozen) Orange Juice concentrate
6 whole Allspice
6 whole Clove
6 oz (frozen) Lemonade concentrate
1 cup (Packed) Brown Sugar
1 tsp (ground) Nutmeg

Add all ingredients to the crock pot and heat on medium stirring occasionally. when Apple cider mixture begins to steam, turn heat down to low to keep warm and serve.

The allspice and cloves can be tied into cheese cloth or placed in a tea bong for a cleaner cider drink.

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