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Cooking Tips

This is a collection of cooking tips and ideas for easy meals, recipes and general kitchen and family resources. We will add to these periodicaly as we come across new cooking tips and recipe ideas that we feel will benefit our visitors.

Kitchen and Cooking Tips

Cooking tip 1: Lemon Juice is great for keeping fresh fruit such as apples or pears from browning after chopping. Place your cut up fruit in a bowl and toss with the juice of 1lemon.

Cooking tip 2: To freshen your garbage disposal slice a lemon and grind it in the disposal with some baking soda.

Cooking tip 3: Never place your good kitchen knives in the dishwasher. This is the fastest way to damage and dull the blade.

Cooking tip 4: To keep fresh whipped cream from falling add 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar per pint of cream when you whip it.


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