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Box Recipes

This weeks recipes are those that we have found on the back of packages like Betty Crocker, Pilsburry, Hershey Chocolate, etc.
You know the ones we often look at on the bag of flour or some other package that looks good but always forget to cut out before it gets thrown away?
So this weeks newsletter has some of our favorites that we have managed to remember to save over the years.

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On to the recipes!
First up is a recipe from the back of a pasta box. This recipe for Seafood Pasta Salad is a great dish to bring to any potluck dinner, office party or backyard BBQ.

Next we have Pan grilled steaks. This recipe actually came from a magazine, not a box, but I guess it still fits the theme. Either way, its delicious and a great way to "grill" a steak indoors when the weather is bad and you can't fire up the BBQ.

For dessert we have Ultimate Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are my little ones favorite (actually anything with chocolate pretty much keeps the whole family happy!) This recipe comes from the back of a Pilsbury's Best flour bag.

If you have any theme suggestions for future newsletters we would love to hear them. Just send a quick email to recipes@myfamilykitchen.com with your thoughts and ideas. We'll be back soon with our Christmas holiday newsletter!

Until Next Week, Happy Cooking!
The Staff at My Family Kitchen

If you have a family favorite appetizer recipe you would like to see featured on our "recipe of the week" section, please send it to us. We will try all submitted Recipes and post our favorite.





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