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Quick Recipes Newsletter

Quick Recipes Edition

It's been a busy week here and we've got some exciting news!

We just finished an entirely new section on the My Family Kitchen website! We spent the week adding some free Forums to the site. The Forums are a place where you can go to find recipes and cooking tips posted by members, discuss recipes or just engage in a little chat about anything you want. If you have a question or need a recipe, cooking tip or suggestion, post it to the forums and we (or a fellow member) will do our best to find it for you.  Stop by the free Forums introduce yourself and be the first to post! We hope to see you all there.
(If you have a suggestion for a forum category let us know and we will add it.)

On to the recipes!

This week is all about quick and easy recipes. With school back in session it's often difficult to prepare a family dinner during the week, especially if you have to run home from work, take the kids to sports practice or scouts, help with homework and the list goes on. Hopefully these recipes will take the stress out of weeknight family dinner. Don't forget to check out all the family dinner recipes we have.

First up is an easy spinach dip appetizer. This can be made ahead and served warm or cold. It makes a great afternoon snack for the kids after school. (it's one of my favorites for snacking on with tortilla chips while watching the football games!)

Next is dinner. I've always enjoyed pot pies and this recipe for individual beef and biscuit pot pies is easy to make. It can be made ahead and the individual portions frozen for later use. Kids love to help with the biscuit part! I prefer to use a non stick muffin pan like the  KitchenAid 12-c. Nonstick Professional Muffin Pan
because it makes clean up a breeze.

For dessert we've got a recipe right out of my grandmother's recipe box. This is one she used to make when we were kids and I had forgotten about it until I saw the recipe card for it. Now I make them for my kids. Pecan Turtle Cookies are easy to make and never last long! To ensure that they don't stick to the cookie sheet I use a Kaiser 12x16-in. Kaiserflex Baking Mat to line the cookie sheet with. It can stand heat up to 500 degrees and can be placed in the dishwasher. These silicone mats are a baker or candy makers best friend! I use mine not only for baking but for rolling out pastry dough as well. ( I also have several sizes!)

As a special note, we have a friends website we'd like to recommend. It's called Cafe Mom and it's designed for all the mothers and mommy's to be out there. This is a place to go for tips, advice, chat with other moms with the same interests or problems or just to vent to someone who understands when you need to. Get advice and support from moms just like you. Share advice, photos and more. Go to CafeMom
For those who home school or are looking for education material to supplement your child's education or need tutoring material we've found that Alpha Omega's Award Winning Homeschool Education Resources have been fantastic. We especially like the Switched-On Schoolhouse 2007 computerized program, and so doesn't our little one!

Thats it for this week folks,
Until next week, we hope to see you all in the forums!

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If you have a family favorite recipe you would like to see featured on our "recipe of the week" section, please send it to us. We will try all submitted Recipes and post our favorite.

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