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Tatie Pot

Cooking With Leftovers

This is an Old English recipe submited by one of our visitors and a great way to use up leftover roast beef. It sounded so good that I actually had to post it before I tried it.

I've often made sandwitches with leftover roast beef, but this sounds so good that it's my plan for the next beef roast I cook. I'd bet it would be good with leftover pork loin or ham as well.

Anyhow, here's the recipe that Gordie sent. It's not really formated as a recipe, but it's simple and easy to follow.

Tatie Pot Recipe

Left over roast beef from day before or when ever...(Sirloin) works really good.
Slice roast into thin slices, as many as you can.
get any root vegetables, carrots, swede, turnip, onions yellow and or red or mixed and cut into large chunks.
hey dont forget the mushrooms.
place all the sliced beef into oven proof dish, do it in layer's, spread the veg over the top.
Now the stock, any will do home made is always best, depending on dish used you may need quite a lot I like to add beef consentrate ( to your taste ) some soy sauce etc, or anything else you like for that matter.
Mix and pour over the contents of dish. Get some large yukon Gold Potatoe's, ( Taties or Spuds in England ) Wash but don't peel, slice about 1/4 inch thick, place in layer's over lapping each other in dish, do 3 or 4 layer's Stock must cover or nearly cover the top layer of Taties.
Place in pre-heated oven at 350F, Center of stove. Bake for 1 or 1-1/4 Hr's.
move up to near the top of grill,(broiler) grill for 15 mins or till top layer starts to brown.
This is Yummie, beef is tender, the veg is great and the juice is MMMMMM, you will need lots of good crusty french bread for this to mop up the juice. Hope you enjoy.


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