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Cooking is an act of preparing food by heat application. It is a great combination of cooking techniques and tools. It needs right selection and measurement of ingredients to improve flavor and digestibility of food. The person who is going to cook should have sufficient skill of cooking.

Simple Food Cooking and Kitchen Tips

Cooking normally changes flavor, texture, appearance and nutritional properties of food. People generally learn cooking from their parents or grandparents while some people do their own with help of cookery books or cooking shows. Best cook gives an experience of cafeteria or restaurant at home. Here are some tips to cook delicious as well as healthy food.

  • Whenever you're going to start cooking food, collect all essential ingredients at one place.
  • You can buy a potato ricer for mashed potatoes and give a beautiful look to your kitchen.
  • Preheat the oven at the time of baking steaks because a really hot oven will blister just outer part of the meat and keep the juices in.
  • Use salad spinner for lettuce & greens. Soak and rinse your salad lettuce for 10 minutes then spin.
  • Use drinkable wine to cook with as it adds better flavor than "cooking" wine.
  • Whenever you're using a roasting pan apply some olive oil on the surface.
  • Hand blender can be used to puree the soup.
  • Mushrooms should be wiped off with a piece of cloth instead of washing under a tap.
  • Check the size of roasting pan before preparing meal.
  • You can use carrots to sweeten your sauces and well cooked or mashed potatoes can be used to thicken soups & stews.

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