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Medifast - lose the weight
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MediFast Diabetic Weight Loss Plan
Medifast Diet - lose the weight

The Medifast Diet Plan for diabetics has been clinically proven to help you manage your Type 2 Diabetes and control your weight.

Clinical study results show that people with Type 2 Diabetes, using Medifast Plus for Diabetics, lost twice as much weight as those following the ADA's recommended food guidelines and were twice as likely to stick with the diet. Not only was it easy to lose weight with diabetes for those who used Medifast, but many of the diabetics also decreases or eliminated their diabetes medication.

Medifast has convenient, healthy meal plans to help you lose weight with diabetes.* Medifast Plus for Diabetics provides the proper nutrition for people with diabetes, allowing you to easily lose weight with diabetes. It is important to discuss calorie levels with your doctor when beginning a Medifast program for people with Diabetes.

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Medifast very low calorie programs require physician supervision to minimize the potential for health risks. *Medifast is proven to produce rapid weight loss, typically 2-5 lbs per week. Although results may vary on an individual basis.


MediFast For Diabetics