Switched On Schoolhouse 2007 Edition

Alpha Omega's popular and award winning software program delivers an engaging and interactive curriculum to homeschool and Chirstian school students in grades 3-12.

With Switched On Schoolhouse homeschool students complete their schoolwork on the computer using a format that includes multi-media, audio presentations, video animation, web learning tools, automatic feedback, printing options, testing and more.

Christian Curriculum Teacher's appreciate the Switched On Schoolhouse program's lesson planning features and that 90% of the student's work is automatically graded. Switched on Schoolhouse has been designed for easy installation and better learning accuracy.

We think you will agree that SOS gets an A+ for learning and appeal to students and teachers alike. Subjects include Bible lessons, Language Arts, History and Geography, Math, Science and several Elective courses.

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Alpha Omega's popular and award winning software, Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum for homeschool and Christian home education programs for homeschool students grades 3-12. Switched on Schoolhouse is the most popular software for Christian curriculums and homeschool curriculums from Alpha Omega Publications..

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