The Magic Grease Bullet as Seen On TV

Baked On Caked on Grease and Food is NO MATCH For The MAGIC GREASE BULLET!

Order the Magic Bullet As Seen On TV Today and get the Silver Lightning Plate (a $20 Value) for cleaning tarnished metals safely FREE!
magic bullet

Just fill your sink with hot tap water and drop in a Magic Bullet. As Seen on TV, It’s non-toxic, easy on your hands and, when you soak your toughest caked on, greasy bake ware for just a few minutes, you have no more scrubbing and scraping to clean that mess. It’s really just that easy!

In just minutes, your pots, pans and bakeware will sparkle like new, inside and out, with no more scrubbing! It cuts thru caked on cookie sheets, grimy glassware, even scorched iron skillets! Grease Bullet is armed with enzymes that eat away baked on grease and grime, making your cookware look like new again.
It even fights grease in the areas you can’t reach!
And, best of all, its virtually effortless to clean up. It’s like having your own personal dishwasher!

As seen on TV, The Magic Bullet is the ultimate in cleaners for your pots and pans! No more replacing expensive pans and bakeware - The Magic Grease Bullet makes them Look new again.

Each case of Grease Bullets is Only $10 and is good for 12 uses!
We’ve Even created a special convenience set of six packages of Grease Bullet for the same special low promotional price of only $10 per case.

Order the Grease Bullet Today and get the Silver Lightning FREE!

ships in 2-4 weeks, Rush shipping available

Magic Bullet
1 Payment of $10.00
Plus $6.99 shipping and handling
30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)
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Also Available When You Purchase
Magic Grease Bullet

Click to enlarge picture. SILVER LIGHTNING PLATE - You are entitled to receive up to three of the BONUS Silver Lightning, fast and safe way to clean tarnish from metals. Just place the Silver Lightning plate in a on a flat surface like a square casserole dish or sink and add baking soda and hot water. Then just watch the tarnish disappear when you place your tarnished metal onto the Silver Lightning plate! Silver Lightning has a retail value of $20 but during this special promotion it’s absolutely FREE, just pay a separate shipping and handling of $6.99 for each unit ordered today. This is an unbelievable deal for our new customers, so don’t miss out!


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