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The first and only moving strap tool to be accepted by OSHA! (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

forearm forklift moving system

Easily Move Up To 600 Pounds With Only 2 People!
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Forearm Forklift

If you’re a homeowner who likes to move things around, a homebuilder or moving company, the Forearm Forklift will be like godsend for you. Each Forearm Forklift contains a set of two 4-inch wide by 9 foot long moving straps, that can be quickly adjusted up to 48 inches to slide under the heavy object to be lifted.

Forearm Forklift helps to ensure against damage when moving heavy furniture in and around your home or office.

  • No more scratches on your wooden floor
  • breakage of your tiles
  • rips on the vinyl or linoleum flooring
  • tears on the carpet
  • bumping doorways while carrying huge items
  • pinched fingers while turning corners.

2 people can lift an item as heavy as 600 lbs. without the high risk of personal injury or damage to the item.

Benefits, Features and Uses:

  1. the Forearm Forklift eliminates strain on the lower back and promotes proper body mechanics.
  2. The powerful, ergonomically-designed moving straps effectively reduces the weight of an item by up to 66%.
  3. Forearm Forklift is able to stabilize heavy items being carried, thus lessening the chances of colliding with corners, walls or doorways.
  4. The Forearm Forklift can create handles for carrying any item that is hard to grip or control.
  5. It can be used in its anti-slip mode, wherein the straps are crossed under the item to be carried to ensure stability when moving the object.
  6. It’s great for carrying heavy furniture up and down the stairs or truck ramps, or for moving around appliances in your home.
  7. It has a radius that’s able to maneuver in tight turns and 90-degree corners, narrow hallways and switchbacks in tight staircases.
  8. The Forearm Forklift is made of heavy duty nylon; its extra strong webbing is from the bonded thread at each joint, and padding in each insert.
  9. The padding gives extra comfort in any adjusted length of the strap.

Even its maximum carrying capacity of 600 lbs. won’t break this durable tool! Being just a pound heavy and nine feet long, the Forearm Forklift is also ideal for those environments that do not have enough space for lifting machinery to fit in, which makes it an essential tool for home builders and home owners alike. It can easily fit in your pocket, tool box or your glove compartment.

Forearm Forklift
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